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Slurry Aeration

Dutch Farmer Has Lucky Escape

On Friday evening, 22 February, a large explosion took place on a Dutch farm as a slurry tank was being agitated by a tractor.  Fortunately, the Ter Weele family from Markelo were unharmed during the traumatic event.

The explosion caused part of the building to collapse, with dozens of concrete slats of more than 1,000 kilos thrown into the air and before ending up in the slurry tank.  Freek ter Weele himself was lucky. He had some minor injuries but as he was standing on a concrete slab stuck to the wall, he escaped the worst of it. Twenty cows, unfortunately, did not survive.

Aeration system

The Ter Weele family never want to experience such an explosion again – ‘At all costs’ – and therefore wanted an aeration system installed as part of the reconstruction.  During their research, they came across the Dairypower Smart Slurry Aeration System installed in the Netherlands by our Dutch dealer DSD Stalinrichting.  After discussing the system with them and the advantages it had in helping to prevent gases build up and produce a better quality of slurry, the Ter Weeles decided to install the system.

The Dairypower Smart Slurry system pumps air through the manure several times a day. Mixing is no longer necessary, because the slurry is always in a homogenous pumpable state.   The system also reduces the emission of methane and other harmful gases and reduces odor.

Our Smart Slurry aeration is not a new system – it has been used in England, Ireland and throughout Europe, by many farmers for over twenty years now.  In the Netherlands, dozens of farms have the system installed.

On Tuesday, the new barn was put back into use for the first time after repair.  We wish the Ter Weele family all the best with their new building and many years happy farming.

Slurry Aeration

c. Bert Kamp

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