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Ratchet Scraper Accessories

Lifting Slat

accessories-img-4The Dairypower Lifting Slat was introduced to remove all slurry, long straw and silage from passageways. The scraper lifts the slat doors and discharges the slurry directly into the slurry tank. The scraper then returns and the slat doors automatically close. The advantage of this system is that there are no obstacles for cows or tractors in the passageway.

Clear-All System

accessories-img-2Dairypower has developed a new Clear-All System to remove all build-up of slurry at the end of the scraper passages. This system is very animal friendly and can be installed inside the building. The Clear-All is fitted to the last section of Rail and moves forwards and backwards with the Rail. The scraper brings the slurry to the Clear-All and returns towards the park position. The Clear-All creates a slalom effect working the slurry downwards into the grid or slat preventing any build-up of slurry and keeping the passageway clean.

Hydromat System

accessories-img-3The Dairypower Hydromat System is used to transport slurry from the cross channel to the main store. The hydraulically operated press can transport the liquid manure up to 60 meters and lift it up to 6 meters above the press. With this system large costs of a slurry tank and a pump can be eliminated.