The Eco-Clean Rope Scraper is a reliable and cost effective system to keep passageways clean. Cleaner alleys reduce stress and improve the health of your cows.

Our new 20cm diameter x 20cm wide winch drum has been designed to make your life easier – this unique design allows optimal lateral movement of the rope/cable as it is being wrapped around the rotating drum. The coiling is made without stress and without excessive friction – which is usually the cause of premature wear in the equipment and cable.

The hydraulic power pack is driven by a low-consumption electric motor and the whole system is controlled by a user-friendly electronic control panel which the farmer can easily set to operate on both manual and auto functions. The auto function can be set to operate at various hourly intervals throughout the 24 hour cycle.


  • Low-power consumption
  • No electronic components in contact with slurry
  • Faster cleaning times
  • Requires very low maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Reliable with quiet operation
  • Simple and safe
  • Rope does not rust
  • Reduce expenses with time & labour
  • Scrapes more often
  • Good-quality milk starts with cleaner cows!


The Dairypower Winch Unit:

Our winch unit is fully galvanised including the winch drum, with the drum drive shaft mounted on high-quality roller bearings, enhancing durability and creating a very smooth operation.  Our new unique 20cm diameter x 20cm wide winch drum has been designed to make your life easier, whilst the unique double winch option, developed in 2017, makes it unnecessary to use two independent winch units on a 2 passage system. The digital control box allows the winch unit to be driven by either a single or 3 phase motor.

Stainless Steel Cable or STS® Rope:

Choose between either Dairypower’s Stainless Steel Cable or STS® Rope, to best suit your needs… We are always able to advise which product your system would be more suited to, just get in touch!

  • STS® Rope: a specially produced rope, made from the world’s strongest polyethylene-based fibre, for the most demanding of winching operations. Its tightly braided fibres protect against abrasion, ingress of dirt, and chafing, increasing the rope’s service life by several fold. This proven winch rope will last longer than any other on the market.
  • Dairypower’s Stainless Steel Cable: animal-friendly with superior wear resistance against stretching, fraying, sawdust and manure! It provides a superior, longer service life than galvanised cable.

Both the rope and cable is tested in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.

Corner Wheels:

The corner wheels are designed for maximum life expectancy. The frame is fully galvanised and has plastic STS wheels. They all come with tapered roller bushes for better resistance and longer life-span.

Scraper Blade:

We use the same heavy-duty, hot-dipped galvanised scraper blades on our Eco-Clean Rope scraper system as we have been using on our Pro-Clean Ratchet scraper system for the past 30+ years.

Download Our Eco-Clean Rope Scraper Brochure

For a quick reference to Dairypower’s Eco-Clean Rope Scraper system and how it can reduce your labour and running costs, download our Eco-Clean Rope Scraper brochure today!

What our Clients have to say...

The Dairypower Eco-Clean Rope Scraper System allows the cleaning of manure passages up to 200 metres long.
Here’s what just a few of our many satisfied customers had to say…

After having Dairypower on farm for 10 years in 2018 we decided to build a 4 Robot Dairy Unit. We went with the Dairypower Eco-Clean Rope System as our other older system had run with ease for 10 years. The Dairypower Digital Control Box really did catch our eye, with digital time setup and call alert system the Dairypower Eco-Clean Rope setup is the safest way to clean passages.

Rowland Beynon, UK

The main reason we chose the Dairypower Eco-Rope system was its efficiency and we felt the rope option was a very cow friendly system. We have long passageways so the rope system is ideal as it cleans the passages very quickly, allowing us to operate more frequently. I really like the digital control box – it has many options and is very easy to operate.

Padraig Moroney, Ireland

We constructed a new Cow barn in 2012 for 120 Cows and 2 new Lely robots. We looked at many scraper options but really liked the Dairypower Eco-Rope System and their local dealer S.A.R.L. Clement helped in the design and advised us to Recess the Rope which has been a fantastic decision as our Rope lasts a very long lime. The system operates every 2 hours and keeps the Cows, Passageways and Cubicles exceptionally clean.

Simon Farm , Bretagne, France

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