Hydraulic System for Cattle, Sheep, Pig and Poultry Houses

The Dairypower heavy-duty robust scraper blade is hot-dip galvanised with a low and smooth profile, designed to prevent animal injuries. The scraper blade is driven by a patented double spring-loaded tongue which keeps the rail clean, preventing a build-up of slurry and allowing the scraper to operate in extreme weather conditions. Our unfaltering commitment to on-going research and development has seen the hydraulic system successfully installed for cattle, sheep, pig and poultry houses. The system has also been installed in sewage treatment plants, abattoirs and other industrial projects.


  • Robust design and long lifespan
  • Animal-friendly design with rounded edges
  • The system is fully galvanised
  • Designed for maximum animal safety as well as maximum cleaning efficiency
  • Pig Scraper (special low profile scraper to allow pigs to walk over)
  • Floating blades for cleaner passageways
  • Good-quality milk starts with cleaner cows!


Pro-Clean Powerpack

The Hydraulic Powerpack is designed for a long and trouble-free life with low noise level. The Hydraulic Pump is protected by a suction and return system, helping to extend the lifetime of all components. The smooth change-over valve means easy operation with gentle turns, leaving the animals undisturbed.

Pro-Clean Control Box

The Dairypower Pro-Clean Ratchet Scraper is controlled by a user friendly electronic control box and conforms to all International Safety Standards. The labour-saving scraper has its own timer and switch for and individual customisation, passages can be programmed to run individually or as one sequence. It has a safety feature which automatically switches off a scraper when an animal becomes immobilised and will not affect the other scrapers on the system. Unique features include: Calving Mode, Testing Mode, Run & Stop Mode, Backing Gate Channel, Remote Control, Data Recording.

Pro-Clean Quarto-Folded Rail

The rail is a heavy duty cold rolled rail. This rail is quarto-folded which gives it double the strength of a standard two folded rail with no welds. Its unique curved design prevents animal injuries.

Pro-Clean Patented Internal Ram

Dairypower has developed and patented an Internal Ram System. The cylinder is installed on the existing passage floor and is protected by a stainless steel casing which the rail runs on. All electrical parts are installed overhead away from the slurry. This system avoids any pre-installation work.

Pro-Clean Standard External Ram Box

This Ram Box consists of cushioned cylinder, a 24V DC Solenoid, a Magnetic Park Switch, a Glanded Junction Box and a Galvanized Checker Plate Cover.
Dimensions: 60 x 30 x 10 cm Cylinder: 45 x 25 x 500 mm

Wide Range of Scraper Blades

There is a range of Dairypower scraper blades to suit all types of passageways:

  • Standard Straight Blade Heavy Duty Scraper
  • Universal Scraper (The Blades are hinged so the Scraper can clean both flat and sloping floors, with the slurry running inwards)
  • Double Blade Scraper (for very long passageways)
  • Delta ‘V’ Scraper Blade (for passages with large difference in width)
  • Pig Scraper (special low scraper to allow pigs to walk over)
  • Slat Scraper (special locked blades, with outer rubber cleaning wings)
  • Silage Scraper (scraper pushes silage to head-feed and closes on return journey to allow tractor access)

Accessories and Other Products

There is a range of Dairypower Pro-Clean accessories and other products available:

    • Lifting Slat
    • All Clear Unit
    • Hydra-Mat
    • Cattle-Clean Cow Brush

What our Clients have to say...

The Dairypower Pro-Clean Ratchet Scraper System has many unique features that make it the safest and most trouble-free system in the world. Here’s what just a few of our many satisfied customers had to say…

In 2018 we as a family decided to invest in the next generation and went ahead in building a 2 Robot Dairy unit. We searched the internet and visited many local farms to seek the best scraper setup for us. The Dairypower systems were on the majority of farms we visited, and all farmers were very happy with their product. We are delighted with our 3 passage system and would highly recommend to any farmer in the market for scrapers.

Steven Holden, UK

In 2006 we built a new greenfield site and installed Dairypower Pro-Clean Ratchet scrapers with Lifting Slats as an added option. We have a very low cell count on the farm so it was critical for us to get a reliable and robust system capable of cleaning passages very regularly. We also installed a Hydra-Mat Paddle scraper system to transport the slurry along a 60cm channel to our slurry tank that is located away from the building. Ten years later we expanded and built a new shed mirroring the old building. We were so happy over the years that we again went with Dairypower Scrapers, Lifting Slats and Hydra-Mat. These added options really take care of moving my slurry all the way to the tank and the Aeration system in the slurry tank means the only thing we need to do with the slurry is spread it. As we say... We always have our slurry available ‘on tap’ and ready to spread.

Kennedy Family, Ireland

Our local dealer, AgroChen in Chung Ho, has just completed the install of our third Dairypower Pro-Clean Ratchet scraper system. We installed our first system back in 2015 and are very happy that the Dairypower ratchet systems can operate in the very humid climate we have here. The scraper passages are 70 metres long and the scrapers are on rubber flooring. It is very popular as many farms around us also have the Dairypower scraper system installed.

Chung Mei Dairy Farm, Taiwan

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