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Dairypower is the foremost European designer and manufacturer of Automatic Hydraulic Yard Scraper Systems.

The patented Dairypower Scraper System has many unique features that make it the safest and most trouble free system in the world.  It is hydraulically operated, which means fewer moveable parts and considerably less risk of breakdowns. Also see the Dairypower Hydraulic Rope Scraper System which incorporates a hydraulic motor and winch unit to clean barn alley ways.

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Main Benefits

  • Low power consumption
  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • Animal friendly
  • All scraper equipment is hot dipped galvanized for maximum life expectancy
  • No electronic components in contact with slurry
  • Requires very low maintenance

Safe operation and simple functions

  • The Dairypower Scraper System is operated by a low noise hydraulic power unit connected to a hydraulic cylinder for each passage.
  • One power unit can operate up to 6 passages.
  • The hydraulic cylinder is connected to a Rail/Track that moves back and forth, moving the scraper in steps along the passageway. The scraper moves in steps at low speed, as the scraper stops for a few seconds during the return stroke of the cylinder.
  • The animals are not stressed, and they can easily move away or step over it.
  • The system is operated by a very simple user friendly control box. Each scraper has its own timer and switch. It can be programmed to run individually or as one sequence. One sensor monitors the movement of the rams for a complete system.
  • It has a safety feature which automatically switches off a scraper where an animal becomes immobilized and will not affect the other scrapers on the system.
  • The scraper can be programmed to park in any position which the farmer chooses.

Contact Us

If you would like to organise a free demonstration, or if you would like additional information about any of our services and products, call us on +353214383100 or email at or click below.



  • The Dairypower Scraper System is the only hydraulic scraper manufactured that can operate in extreme conditions such as the very cold conditions experienced in countries like Russia and Iceland to the very hot conditions experienced in countries like Israel and the U.S.A.
  • Our unfaltering commitment to on-going research and development has seen the Hydraulic System successfully installed for cattle, sheep, pig and poultry houses.
  • The system has also been installed in sewage treatment plants, abattoirs as well as other industrial projects.
  • Dairypower has a patented spring loaded rail cleaning device which can cater for any extreme hot or frozen conditions. This has been the greatest breakthrough in hydraulic scrapers as all other manufacturers experience great difficulty in dry conditions.

Powerpack Features

The Hydraulic Powerpack is designed for a long and trouble free life with low noise level. The Hydraulic Pump is protected by a suction and return filtration system, helping to extend the lifetime of all components. The smooth change-over valve means easy operation and gentle turns that do not disturb the animals. Adjustable hydraulic pressure makes it possible to optimise each plant to actual conditions. The oil level is visible and the level is monitored by a float switch.

Control Box Features

The Dairypower scraper system is controlled by a very simple user friendly electronic control box. Each scraper has its own timer and switch for flexibility and individual customisation. Passages can be programmed to run individually or as one sequence. It has a safety feature which automatically switches off a scraper where a cow becomes immobilized and will not affect the other scrapers on the system. One sensor monitors the movement of the cylinders for a complete system.

Rail Features

The Rail is a heavy duty cold rolled rail. This Rail has four folds which gives it double the strength of a standard two folded Rail. Its unique curved design prevents injuries on cow’s hoofs. The rail is supplied in 3m lengths and has a guide bracket anchored every 1.5 meters. There is no welding in either the Rail or Guide Slides. The Rail can be installed on top of the floor or recessed.

Ram Box Features

Dairypower produce two Ram Box options, a Standard External Ram Box or a patented Internal Ram which avoids any pre-installation work. The cylinders are specially designed for manure removal in barns. The cylinders are powder painted and the hard chromed piston rod is made of special steel. Both options can be installed to push or pull the scraper blade.

Standard External Ram Box

This Ram Box consists of cushioned cylinder, a 24V DC Solenoid, a Magnetic Park Switch, a Glanded Junction Box and a Galvanized Checker Plate Cover. Dimensions: 60 x 30 x 10 cm Cylinder: 45 x 25 x 500 mm

Patented Internal Ram

Dairypower has developed and patented an Internal Ram System. The cylinder is installed on the existing passage floor and is protected by a stainless steel Casing which the Rail runs on. All electrical parts are installed overhead away from the manure. This system avoids any pre-installation work.

Scraper Blade Features

The extra weight in the Dairypower heavy duty robust scraper blade is supplied hot dip galvanized. It has a low and smooth profile, designed to prevent injuries on cow’s hoofs. The scraper blade is driven by a patented double tongue mechanical tripping device with the options of locking to remove heavy loads. The tongue is spring loaded which keeps the rail clean, preventing a build-up of slurry allowing the scraper to operate in very extreme hot or frozen conditions.

Wide Range of Scraper Blades

There is a range of Dairypower scraper blades to suit all types of passageways:

  • Standard Straight Blade Heavy Duty Scraper
  • Universal Scraper (The Blades are hinged so the Scraper can clean both flat and sloping floors, with the manure running inwards
  • Double Blade Scraper (for very long passageways)
  • Delta ‘V’ Scraper Blade (for passages with large difference in width)
  • Pig Scraper (special low scraper to allow pigs to walk over)
  • Slat Scraper (special locked blades, with outer rubber cleaning wings)
  • Silage Scraper (scraper pushes silage to head-feed and closes on return journey to allow tractor access)
  • Dairypower Advantages: (add the arrow as the bullet point)
  • Easily installed in old or new barns
  • Hydraulic installation means easier concrete / pre-installation work
  • Robust design gives extra high capacity, and a long lifetime due to the use of high quality materials
  • Animal friendly design with rounded edges
  • The system can clean passageways up to 150 meters long and 6 meters wide
  • The system is fully galvanized
  • Designed for maximum safety for the cows as well as maximum cleaning efficiency
  • Floating blades for cleaner passageways, which leads to better milk quality
  • Suitable for passageways of odd lengths
  • Passages do not have to be parallel and can be at right angles