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Rope Scraper

The Dairypower Eco-Clean Rope / Cable Scraper System can be used to clean two, three or four passages. The same drive unit controls all the scrapers. While one scraper is cleaning one passage, the other is backing up.

The main advantage of the Dairypower Eco-Clean Rope/Cable Scraper System is that allows cleaning of very long manure passages up to 200 metres long.  Our new unique 20cm diameter x 20cm wide winch drum has been designed to make your life easier – this unique design allows optimal lateral movement of the rope / cable as it is being wrapped around the rotating drum. The coiling is made without stress and without excessive friction – which is usually the cause of premature wear of the equipment and rope / cable.

Advantages to installing a rope scraper for your farm

  • The Dairypower Winch unit is Fully Galvanized including the winch drum.
  • Easy access for maintenance and lubrication
  • Drum drive shaft mounted on high quality roller bearings – for long lasting durability and smooth operation.
  • More freedom in installation location – since the corner wheels can be installed very close to the drive unit without overlapping its footprint.
  • Easy to handle safety shield – made of light and durable plastic – to ease cleaning and basic maintenance underneath the drive unit.
  • NEW Double winch option | In 2017 we developed a unique Double winch unit which makes it unnecessary to use two independent winch units on an installation.


Steel Cable or Dyneema® Rope

Choice between two types of steel cable: galvanized (cheaper) or stainless (better corrosion resistance) steel cable of 10mm or 12mm diameter. Strong and durable, it is perfectly suited to very long manure alleys.

The Dyneema® rope of 12mm is flexible, very light, and easy to install. It is perfectly suited to manure alleys less than 90m in length. The Dyneema® rope has a breaking strength of 12kN

Corner Wheels

The corner wheels are designed for maximum life expectancy. The Frame is fully galvanized and have Plastic STS Wheels. They all come with tapered roller Bushes for better resistance and longer life span.

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