Scottish Installations and Northern England Expos!

On Saturday 12th March 2022, the Borderway UK Dairy Expo took place in Borderway Mart, Carlisle, England.

Borderway UK is the largest expo event in the UK dairy industry, showcasing the highest quality dairy cattle. It’s also a trade fair where businesses show off their latest research, advances, and cutting-edge technology.

Dairypower approved dealer, Fullwoodhead Dairy Supplies Ltd attended the show, and showcased Dairypower’s Slurry Management Systems alongside our other suppliers!

Slurry management experts, Brian, Scott and David from Fullwoodhead Dairy Supplies Ltd and Dairypower UK’s Adrian, were present on the day to discuss our slurry management systems and how they could support the dairy industry. The team showcased our Smart Slurry Aeration System, Eco-Clean Rope Scraper and Pro-Clean Ratchet Scraper, to many attendees interested in improving their slurry handling equipment.

On the day, a competition took place on the Fullwoodhead Dairy Supplies Ltd stand, to win some Dairypower merchandise and goodies! The winner was drawn out after the show and we’re delighted to congratulate Ian Somerville of Larglea Farm, Dumfries, as the winner.

The guys from Fullwoodhead weren’t shy and got involved in the activities, sponsoring the judging of some outstanding dairy cattle in the milking classes!

Scott from Fullwoodhead Dairy Supplies Ltd presented the prize for the Ayrshire 2-year-old competition. David presented the prize for the Dairy Shorthorn 3-Year-Old. And lastly, Brian presented the prize for the Holstein Milking Yearling.

There were some exceptional livestock showcased at the Borderway UK Dairy Expo this year.

Scotland Installation

Not only were Fullwoodhead busy attending livestock expos, but they have also been occupied with some marvellous Dairypower Slurry Management Systems installations.

Take a look at this Smart Slurry Aeration System installed by Fullwoodhead Dairy Supplies Ltd in the beginning of March 2022. The system was installed in Lockerbie, South-Western Scotland in a stunning, new beef facility.

Installing Dairypower’s Smart Slurry Aeration System will be of massive benefit to this farmer. As we all know, chemical fertiliser prices have, and are, rising rapidly, with no sign of them declining anytime soon. The Smart Slurry Aeration System is the perfect answer to this problem! Chemical fertiliser usage is heavily reduced, due to the increases in P, N, and K and especially ammonia nitrogen, meaning the worry over further increases in chemical fertiliser prices will no longer affect this farmer.

By choosing Dairypower’s Smart Slurry Aeration System, this farmer will no longer have to manually or tractor agitate his cow slurry. Meaning that he will have outstanding savings on time, labour and fuel.

How does our Smart Slurry Aeration System work? Our patented rotary valves distribute high volumes of low-pressure air to the outlet branches at the base of the tank. These will sequentially aerate the slurry tank for a set period of time, leaving the slurry in a constant, homogeneous pumpable state. And it gets better! The return on this farmer’s investment was usually 4-6 years before all the current increases in fertilisers and fuel, this could now be just a matter of a few years.

It’s not only our farmer’s pockets that are happy. The Smart Slurry Aeration System will also produce some very happy cows! The aerated slurry will increase the palatability of the grass, and when applied to the fields, allows up to an average 13-15% increase in grass/crop regrowth.

The benefits don’t stop there – with the introduction of oxygen into the slurry, the environment of the slurry changes from anaerobic to aerobic. This vastly reduces the production of harmful gases, such as methane and hydrogen sulphide, making the system safer for both the farmer and his livestock!

A massive thank you to Fullwoodhead Dairy Supplies Ltd for their continued hard work and business!

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