Visiting our U.S. Installations!

Dairypower’s Aeration Manager, Rick Crowley, made a trip to the U.S. in February 2022 to check out some of our latest Smart Manure Aeration System installations.

While on his travels, he was fortunate enough to meet with three of our North American dealers, Hanson Silo Company, Midwest Beef Systems and Troop Equipment.

During his trip, he managed to explore some fantastic installations of our Dairypower Smart Manure Aeration Systems on a variety of outstanding dairy and beef farms.

Rick’s first stop on his lengthy and enjoyable trip was with Hanson Silo Company based in Lake Lillian, Minnesota. Rick visited three exceptional beef farms with our Smart Manure Aeration System being used to keep their farmyard manure in a homogeneous, pumpable state!

To visit the first Hanson Silo Company installation, they travelled out of state to Plainview, Nebraska, a mere five-hour drive, to a large-scale beef farm. The aeration system on this farm was installed into a 504’ x 52’ deep-pit barn.

Rick later travelled back to Minnesota, to Adrian, where another large beef enterprise has 4 x 50’ tanks installed with the Smart Manure Aeration System.

This energy-efficient, long-life system was also installed by Hanson Silo Company, with the farmer wanting to create a safer environment for his livestock and workforce. Here is a video on the system!

Hanson Silo Company manure installation in Minnesota

Second Stop, Midwest Beef Systems!

The final install by Hanson Silo Company Rick visited was located in Trimont, Minnesota. This installation was completed on another beef farm, with a Smart Manure Aeration System fitted into a 120’ tank. Can you believe, it will only take just over 20 minutes at a time to fully aerate this manure tank!

Third Stop, Troop Equipment!

The third and final stop was with Troop Equipment, based in Cochranville, Pennsylvania. Rick managed to visit 2 dairy farms in his time spent with Troop Equipment.

He began his time in Pennsylvania, visiting the dairy farm of David Troop, in which a round tower was fitted with our Smart Manure Aeration System. As you can tell from the photos, these dairy farms are a lot different to the common, Irish dairy farm!

Lastly, Rick visited another dairy farm situated in Pennsylvania, where 30 manifolds of our Smart Manure Aeration System were fitted by Troop Equipment.

Stage 2 is soon to begin, with another Smart Manure Aeration System to be installed!

A massive thank you, to all dealers and farmers involved in this wonderful opportunity to visit their Smart Manure Aeration Systems.

We would like to wish the very best of luck to all farmers involved with their new systems in place. Now, they no longer have the constant worry about the production of deadly gases when agitating slurry, and can appreciate the reduction in labour hours and expenditure on fertiliser bills!

We hope to see many more Smart Manure Aeration System installations in North America as interesting as these!

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