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Dairypower Equipment is a leading Irish designer and manufacturer of high quality agricultural slurry handling equipment. 

We pride ourselves in being specialists in slurry aeration, ratchet and rope scrapers:

Dairypower has its headquarters in Cork, Ireland (view us on the map) and was founded in 1973 by its current MD John O’Donovan. It is very much a family run business with a strong tradition in the provision of quality and innovative farming equipment.  Our experienced team guarantee a personal service from your first enquiry to post-sales support.

Dairypower was initially set up as a milking machine company, servicing clients in Cork and has since grown into a business which exports its equipment to over 30 countries Worldwide.

Since 1985, Dairypower have been designing and manufacturing automatic hydraulic yard scraper systems and is now recognized by farmers and dealers as being the leading manufacturer of hydraulic scrapers in the World.

In 2010 we expanded our scraper range and have developed a unique Rope Scraper system which is the only hydraulically operated Rope Scraper system in the market.

Hydraulic scraper systems have the advantage on other systems of being able to cater for the larger barn alleys which are typical of modern farm construction.

Dairypower also have a unique Slurry Aeration System which is designed to maintain stored slurry in a semi-liquid, and hence pumpable state. This system has many advantages for the farmer such as:

  • Slurry is always ready to spread
  • Animal welfare due to no build-up of dangerous gases in the slurry
  • Maintenance costs are minimal as no mechanical parts are in contact with the slurry
  • Large savings on fertilizer
  • Grass has a better re-growth rate after spreading

The following factors are highly prioritised in Dairypower and contribute to it’s leading position in the market today:

  • On-going Research and Development
  • Supplier of Superior quality products
  • Flexibility
  • Short time of delivery
  • Optimum service to clients

Dairypower Equipment have official dealers worldwide.  To find the dealer nearest you see our dealers map.