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Our Products

Our slurry management solutions are proven to be the safest, most cost-effective and environmentally friendly products available to the agricultural sector. Click here to view all products

Aeration System

Smart Slurry Aeration System

Our Smart Slurry Aeration System has a unique rotary valve that aerates a section of the slurry tank for set time periods, eliminating the dangerous gases like hydrogen sulphide associated with agitating manure.

Ratchet Scraper

Pro-Clean Ratchet Scraper

With many unique features including its power pack, control box, and Quarto-folded rail, the patented Ratchet Scraper system is the safest and most trouble-free system in the world.

Rope Scraper

Eco-Clean Rope Scraper System

The Rope/Cable scraper system can be used to clean, two, three or four passages with the same drive unit controlling all the scrapers. This allows for the cleaning of very long slurry passageways.

Backing Gate System

Easy-Flo Gate Scraper System

Our Backing Gate Scraper system integrates with our other units to be controlled from anywhere in the milking pit and can be configured to clean in either forward or reverse directions.